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Sexy Legs! The greatest accessory for a gal among those perfect legs would be a leggings. Have no fear, ladies, there are actually options available for everyone. We’ve tried well out of just putting real canada goose maxi coat on for cardiovascular exercises. Oh, less than wasn’t with a neon [ » ]

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Show and Tell extravaganza and gift exchange Moritz Hensoldt and Carl Kellner apprenticed together as mechanics. Hensoldt worked briefly with Carl Kellner when Kellner set up his Optical Institute in Wetzlar (some references indicate the two were related). Kellner’s Optische Institut went on to become Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, but that’s [ » ]

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2 Comments » I’ve noticed recently that there seems to be an increasing trend to attach giveaways and merchandise to picture books. Harvey the Boy who Couldn’t Fart (Walker Books) came with it’s very own fart machine and I have seen books sold with stuffed toys, jewellery and other paraphernalia. [ » ]